Incorporating a company in the bahamas

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incorporating a company in the bahamas

As a company with no authorised share capital, the non-profit company may be incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, as an alternative to a trust structure. By its very nature, as a company limited by guarantee, the non-profit company is not permitted to make distributions to its members, but can only make payments for charitable purposes, as the objects in its Memorandum of Association must specifically state.

Notwithstanding that fact, each member participates equally in the assets of the company, irrespective of any variation in subscriptions paid, unless contrary provisions exist in the Articles of Association.

Each first director becomes a member of the company upon the incorporation of a non-profit company. The directors of the non-profit company may also make the by-laws of the company. The minimum number of directors for a non-profit company is three 3 directors. There is no restriction on the number of members of a non-profit company, unless otherwise determined by the Articles of Association. The Articles of Association of the company may provide for more than one class of membership, the designations and terms of which must be specifically stated.

A person is permitted to be admitted to a non-profit company by resolution of the directors, subject to the provisions of the Articles of Association. Each member of a non-profit company may have one or more votes or no votes, depending upon the Articles of Association. With regard to the transferability of membership in a non-profit company, the interest of a member may not be transferable, unless otherwise stated in the Articles of Association, and such membership will lapse and cease to exist upon the resignation or death of the member.

However, the interest in the non-profit company may continue, notwithstanding the cessation of membership. However, a draft copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the non-profit company is required to be submitted to the Registrar General for review, before submission for incorporation of the company, in order to verify and confirm the objects and purpose of the company, in accordance with the provisions of the Act. Once the Registrar General has confirmed that the objects of the non-profit company are for a charitable or non-pecuniary purpose, in conformity with Section 14 of the Act, the draft Memorandum and Articles of Association must be finalised, properly executed by the first directors, and re-submitted to the Companies Registry, for incorporation.

More information can be obtained from the Registrar General's website. This post is for your information only and nothing in this post is intended to constitute a legal opinion. If you require specific advice, you should contact a Bahamian corporate attorney or a Bahamian corporate services provider. You may contact a Bahamian corporate attorney or a Bahamian corporate services provider by clicking here.

No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Incorporation can take as little as hours. The identity of shareholders is not public record and there is no requirement to file an annual return. Sovereign provides ready-made or customised incorporation of all types of Bahamas companies. Once incorporated, we provide a domiciliary service, which includes the provision of company secretarial, registered office and nominee shareholder services.

incorporating a company in the bahamas

Full management services from our own licensed corporate directors are also available and highly advisable in most cases. Re-mailing services are available at modest cost for all companies established by Sovereign. In addition to providing incorporation, domicilary and management directorship services, a range of ancillary services at competitive prices is available on request. These services include, but are not limited to: provision of dedicated telephone lines; office and personnel assistance; designated staff members temporary or permanent availability ; assistance with office relocation, introduction to real estate agents, government agencies and other third parties.

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Note : Ancillary services In addition to providing incorporation, domicilary and management directorship services, a range of ancillary services at competitive prices is available on request.

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How to Open a Bahamas Business

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incorporating a company in the bahamas

Contact Author. Quick Contact. A business continuity message from Sovereign.Some of the advantages of incorporating a company are to facilitate investments, to minimize risk, to purchase and hold property, including real property and other assets. Likewise, a company can enter into contracts and commence action to defend those contracts on its own behalf. A company can also be used for the purpose of establishing an investment fund.

Most importantly, a company can be incorporated with limited liability in that the liability of its members may be limited to the amount unpaid on their shares.

This memorandum which is required to contain certain prescribed information must be submitted to the Companies Registry for filing along with the requisite fees in order to incorporate the company.

Upon the filing of the said memorandum and the payment of the requisite fees, the company will be issued a certificate of incorporation which certificate is conclusive evidence of the incorporation of the company. An international business company is incorporated when the certificate of incorporation is issued, after the memorandum and articles of association have been filed at the Companies Registry.

The memorandum of association is required to be subscribed by two persons in the presence of a witness. It is from the date of the certificate of incorporation that a body corporate comes into existence. No person other than a bank or trust company licensed under the Banks and Trust Companies Regulation Act can incorporate an international business company unless such person is a Financial and Corporate Service Provider. Q: Is there a requirement for Domestic Companies to have a minimum number of Directors?

Q: Is information regarding directors, officers or shareholders required to be filed or disclosed publicly? Additionally, the names and addresses of the shareholders of Domestic Companies are also a matter of public record. Q: Are amendments to the memorandum and articles of association of the company required to be filed with the Companies Registry? Our Mission "Our Mission is to deliver the highest level of professional legal services, with sound ethics and integrity.

We are committed to exceeding all expectations through consistent innovation and excellent customer service, locally and internationally. Walker Associate Rhchetta R. Q: What are the advantages of incorporating a company? Q: What is the process for incorporating a Domestic Company? Q: What is the process for incorporating an IBC? Q: Are there any restrictions on words that can comprise the name of a company? A private company should have at least two 2 directors. An IBC can have just one 1 director who may be an individual or a company.

Yes, however the prior permission of the Central Bank would be required. Q: What are the annual fees payable by a Domestic Company? Q: Is there an annual general meeting requirement? Yes, but only for Domestic Companies. Doing Business in the Bahamas… The Bahamas - A favourable choice for foreign investment Acquiring legal representation in the Bahamas for foreign based companies Legal requirements for foreign investment in the Bahamas Ways to invest in the Bahamas Forming a foreign-owned business entity in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Corporation

Connect with us.Starting a business in the Bahamas isn't cheap, at least for foreigners. The Bahamas Investment Authority requires a minimum capital investment of a half-million Bahamian dollars, roughly equal to the same amount in U.

If you want to run a business in a tropical paradise, there are other hoops you'll have to jump through. Whether you represent a corporation or just yourself, you have to submit your proposal to the Investment Authority along with the proof you have enough money to invest.

The proposal should detail your business idea and business plan, your principal investors, the environmental impact and where in the Bahamas you want to set up shop. The authority also wants to know how you'll benefit the Bahamian economy, for example whether new businesses can spin off from yours.

The government has business license applications available online and at bricks-and-mortar local government offices. You use the form to register your business name and structure -- a partnership, corporation or limited liability company, for instance -- and to reserve a trade name for your company. The form also gives the government your name, contact information and the nature of your business. You also have to detail the products or services you plan to provide. The Bahamas maintains a long list of businesses that require more than just a basic license.

Accountants, for example, need certification from the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants. Boat rental businesses must register with the Port Authority.

Funeral homes need a certificate of sanitation and pool halls must ask for approval from the Ministry of Tourism. The business license form includes a list of required approvals for various professions and contact information for the agency that gives the OK.

If you want to incorporate your business, you have more paperwork to do. You have to search the corporate-name database and reserve a name for your own company. You need to draw up a memorandum and articles of association establishing your company and have them notarized. The memorandum goes to the Treasury Department along with a fee, while you file the articles with the Bahamas Companies Registry. You then obtain a National Insurance Number for the company, after which you apply for a business license.

A graduate of Oberlin College, Fraser Sherman began writing in Since then he's researched and written newspaper and magazine stories on city government, court cases, business, real estate and finance, the uses of new technologies and film history. Share It. About the Author. Photo Credits.Our services include i Bahamas international business registration ii government license registration iii international or Bahamas business bank account opening iv employee recruitment strategies v visa strategies and vi office rental solutions.

To help us engineer the optimum Bahamas corporate structure, please complete the 3-minute questionnaire below; then press the submit button below. Thank you for taking the time to complete this important questionnaire.

It will help us to timely complete your engagement with minimum inconvenience to you. I want to receive helpful business information such as insights, success tips and how-to guides Note: By clicking the above, you acknowledge that your information will be processed by MailChimp, our marketing platform. You can unsubscribe at any time through the footer link in our emails.

In the unfortunate case that the questionnaire cannot be submitted, please click on the "Export" button to download the PDF export with your form entries. You can submit this PDF document together with your request to us by email to email healyconsultants. By exporting the form and ensuring the required fields are completed, you agree to the Privacy Policy and consent to the collection of your personal data above. All rights reserved. Every country in the world….

Abu Dhabi. Burkina Faso. Cayman Islands. Central African Republic. Costa Rica. Czech Republic. Dominican Republic. El Salvador.

incorporating a company in the bahamas

Equatorial Guinea. Hong Kong. Isle of Man. Jebel Ali. Marshall Islands. New Zealand.Your IBC company name can be in any language using the Latin alphabet, as long as the relevant translation is approved first. An IBC will need to end with an appropriate suffix to denote limited liability, e.

Ltd, Corp, Inc, GmbH, etc. Certain words are prohibited such as names suggesting the patronage of any government or country. Name restrictions apply for names that have been previously incorporated by an existing company, or that are deceptively similar to an existing name.

Checking a company name using our online service takes less than 30 minutes and a name may be reserved for 10 days. Personal Declarations are prepared and signed by the proposed shareholders of the company and we then present the Memorandum and Articles of Association, including the objects of the company, to the Registrar along with the share capital.

A certificate of incorporation will then be issued and your new company is incorporated. All exempt companies must have a registered agent and a registered office, which must be a physical address in the Bahamas.

The registered office is where documents may be legally served on the company and where the share register, register of directors and minute book are kept. An office with a suitable agent is included as part of our Standard Company Formation Package.

We can assist with a variety of company documents in a range of countries worldwide. View and order via our online service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to our services. During this crisis please contact us by email: home formacompany. Share Capital requirements There is no issued share capital requirement Shares may be denominated in any currency Ready Made Companies We have shelf companies in the Bahamas currently available, with standard a Memorandum and Articles designed to permit most general activities; making it possible to commence business at very short notice.

Our ready made companies are in good standing, are not the subject of any insolvency proceedings and have not entered into any contracts or engaged in any business activities. Your IBC can be incorporated in an economically and politically stable country where all documents are filed in English. IBCs in the Bahamas are exempt from a large number of taxes and duties. IBCs are exempt from inheritance, succession and gift taxes, as well as stamp duties in respect of transfers, and foreign exchange control regulations.During this crisis please contact us by email: home systemday.

Bahamas is part of the British Commonwealth a politically stable country where income, capital gains, inheritance and transaction tax is not imposed for a period of 20 years from the date of incorporation. A Bahamas IBC affords a high degree of confidentiality due to limited filing requirements. Only one director of any nationality is required. There is no requirement for a local resident director.

The names of directors do not appear in public records. Only one shareholder of any nationality is required. The sole director can be the same as the sole shareholder. The International Companies Act makes no specific reference to a company secretary, but one is normally appointed to facilitate signing obligations.

We can provide this service. IBCs are obligated to maintain a Share Register at its Registered Office which shall contain: the names and addresses of the persons who hold registered shares and the register is private and no public filing of its contents is required.

The Bahamas ensures privacy for offshore corporations. The names of corporate shareholders and directors remain private. The Registered Office is where documents may be legally served on the company. In the Bahamas, the fiscal year runs from July 1 to June There are no requirements to file company financial statements.

All Bahamas companies become due for renewal at the registry on the 31st December of the year following the year of incorporation. Companies in the Bahamas are totally tax exempt, guaranteed by law for 20 years from the date of incorporation.

This includes no taxes on dividends, interest, royalties, rent, compensation, income, inheritance, etc.

Corporate & Trust Services

The Bahamas has no double taxation treaties. Toggle navigation. Bahamas Company Formations. How can we help? Bahamas Fees to Incorporate.

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